She Will Be Loved Wild Bride

Unique designs and free spirited, creative, wedding dresses, handcrafted to your measurements. Designer/Artist- Kelima K. Art museum projects, collaborations.

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One of the top, bridal shops in LA and NYC, for unique wedding dresses, vintage inspired wedding dresses, couture wedding dresses, boho chic wedding dresses, artsy couture.

Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are. - I Am the Messenger

If you're tired of the mass produced dresses, veils, and accessories out there, but don’t have the budget to work with the designer on one of our a custom wedding dresses, you’ll love this:

We are adding a new selection of beautiful, one of a kind, indie wedding dresses, boho chic wedding dresses, bridal tops, bridal skirts, veils, and accessories; including some of our signature, couture wedding dresses, (samples) and other unique designs, that you can either buy off the rack, and take with you, or purchase online (online shop coming soon) From $750 - $2,275.

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photo: Tim Walker for Vogue UK 2015

model: Karen Elson