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One of the best bridal shops in NYC. Boho chic wedding dresses, custom wedding dresses, vintage inspired wedding dresses, destination wedding dresses.

She Will Be Loved is one of the top, bridal shops in NYC, for unique wedding dresses, vintage inspired wedding dresses, couture wedding dresses, boho chic wedding dresses, artsy couture & accessories. Event planning includes; event space rental, custom events, workshops & celebrations.

My goal is to be one with the music. Jimi Hendrix

Throwback to gorgeous #indiebride Cassidy @cbaine at her California wedding and this epic dance with new husband #loveauthentic . #realbride

Cassidy rocks our silk duvet dress, with chiffon and Venice lace details.
If you’re looking for something unique, check our artsy, handcrafted wedding dresses, veils, and accessories, made locally in our NY atelier #shewillbelovedbride

You can also opt to work with #designer #Kelima_K on an original design, and/or accessories, at our #Soho atelier

Video by @nonobell

all the summer weddings...

The atelier is buzzing with fittings this week, preparing for all the summer weddings.

If you're looking for something artistic and original, check our unique #weddingdresses and simple, modern weddingdresses.

You can also opt to work with designer #Kelima_K on an original design, and accessories, at our Soho atelier


Love couture, but your wallet's bringing you down?
Then, we think you'll love this:
Our Sample Sale starts, Tuesday, 5/16.

Up to 70% off our handcrafted couture bridal dresses, with breathable, natural, silk linings.
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Also on sale- veils, qiapos, dresses, & kimonos

This botanical lace dress with vintage lace straps, was snatched up by a bride, but there are more unique, one of a kind dresses in the sale.

Our Whispering dress, ordered in gorgeous custom colors.

Can't find everything you want in one dress? Are dresses either too small in the bust, too big in the hips, or vice versa?

Order your dress the way you want it, in the color and fabric of your choice, fitted to your measurements.

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If you’re looking for something modern, and quirky, check our artsy couture dresses, and one-of-a-kind wedding dresses, made in NY . Choose a design from our collection or work with designer Kelima_K at our Soho atelier

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage - Anais Nin

Back in the day, when these two met at school in Calif, there was some serious crushing going down, but things never went further.

Instead, each followed their dreams in different directions. But things took an incredible turn years later, when they happened to meet again, and were both living in NewYork

Fast forward to a beautiful moment at their modern California wedding, a cool blend of east meets west, that was ultra chic, but still chilled out. #loveauthentic

Beautiful coolbride Farheen rocks our biascut silk weddingdress, handcrafted in our NY atelier.

photo: @kevin_rogers
couple: Farheen and Andrew, @fabheen and @kidandrew2

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The earth laughs in flowers. Emerson

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter

If you’re not inspired by the mass produced wedding dresses, check our one of a kind designs including; rad couture bridal dresses, bridal tops, skirts, and accessories. All handcrafted in our Soho NY atelier.

poppies and photo from @floretflower

I believe one writes because one has to create a world in which one can live. Ananis Nin

Today's girl boss globe trotter feature is of the lovely @njwhite at the Island Shangri-La in Hong Kong. Interviews of global female entrepreneurs like Nicole coming soon.

Recently we had clients fly in from California, Mexico, London, Hong Kong, Italy and Argentina for our unique wedding dresses and Wardrobe Therapy styling services. 

At our Soho NY flagship, you’ll find one of a kind designs with lots of choices for indie brides and destination weddings but also for couture brides and vintage inspired brides. You’ll also love our couture quality boho chic bridal dresses, couture quality bridal tops, skirts, and accessories, all handcrafted in our atelier.