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Installations, designs, collaborations, and other works.

'I dream of transformational concepts, and turn my ideas into words, a design, an installation, or all three.'  - Kelima K

Gallery images of Kelima K's signature Transformation Cloaks for artist, LEE Mingwei's Sonic Blossom, White Feather Kimono for artist Terence Koh, and other works.

'Sound waves travel the labyrinth of folds, creating a magical experience, for the giver and recipient' Kelima K

The first 'Transformation Cloak' was created for the 'Sonic Blossom' exhibit at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in South Korea, and other museums with modern interiors.  

Mingwei commissioned a similar Transformation Cloak for the Museum of Fine Arts exhibit. 

When I saw the rich colors of the paintings and room at the Museum of Fine Arts, where the exhibit would be held, I told Mingwei, that I felt compelled to design the second Transformation Cloak with the same rich colors already in the room. He enthusiastically agreed, and graciously provided brilliant, embroidered obis, which he selected from Japan. They were a perfect complement to the colors, and mood of the MFA exhibit room.

Mingwei's 'Sonic Blossom' project, came to him while caring for his mother, who was recovering from heart disease. Together, they listened to healing, powerful Schubert Lieders. Mingwei was drawn to create a piece about gift giving through song.

He explained that in his 'Sonic Blossom' show, an opera singer gives a gift of song to a museum guest. This sparked a challenge within me: to find a way to endow the cloak, with the power to transform the wearer into a magical being.  

I managed to bestow the cloak with transformation powers, and thus, named it the 'Transformation Cloak'. Whoever wears the cloak, acquires the ability to transmit the gift of music. 

Experience 'Sonic Blossom', and the 'Transformation Cloak', at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC, now until April 29, 2018.