She Will Be Loved Wild Bride

Unique designs and free spirited, creative, wedding dresses, handcrafted to your measurements. Designer/Artist- Kelima K. Art museum projects, collaborations.

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One of the top, bridal shops in LA and NYC, for unique wedding dresses, vintage inspired wedding dresses, couture wedding dresses, boho chic wedding dresses, artsy couture.

‘My goal is to create a magical experience, for whoever wears my designs. - Kelima K,

My work combines a love of old world couture, modern technology, and deep feelings.

Each creation is individually hand made in house, and many are one of a kind. My designs are inspired by pure emotions, and other worlds.

When it’s not possible to meet in person, I work with brides online, doing fittings by video chat. Sometimes I will send a fitting dress muslin, or a sample, to get a more accurate idea of how my designs fit your body. If you’re interested in working together, please email any details or questions, and/or we can chat by phone or video.


I’m moved by clothing that is intimate and full of energy.

I’ve taken a decision not to have my designs mass produced, and therefore, everything is made in house by hand. I’m very involved in the creation of each piece.

Due to the commitment and human power required to create each piece, quantities are very limited.

Although we would love to work with everyone, please understand that once the schedule is full, we are not able to accept more orders until the next season.


The process:
Select a dress from the collection, or work with the designer on a custom designs, either in person, or by phone, email and video chat. Your custom dress, or design, will be handcrafted directly under the designer’s care.

'The aim is to provide a beautiful experience.' Kelima K

These original creations are handcrafted to perfection in our atelier.

We specialize in unique wedding dresses, destination wedding dresses, vintage inspired wedding dresses, as well as luxe, custom cheongsam, qipaos, & kimonos.

We are also known for our artist collaborations and art pieces.

Design conceptualized & created for artist LEE Mingwei, exhibited at the Met Museum NY and The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Design conceptualized & created for artist LEE Mingwei, exhibited at the Met Museum NY and The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

We are proud to be an eco conscious business, that consciously creates artistic, boho chic wedding dresses, unique wedding dresses, and custom wedding dresses, as well as, handcrafted dresses, & accessories.